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5 Facts You Should Know About the Valsartan Recall

Valsartan is a drug designed to treat high blood pressure and heart failure in patients, as well as prevent further complications after a heart attack. In the state of Texas, the leading cause of death is heart disease, and because Valsartan can help thwart heart failure issues and prevent further complications, it has become a popular drug. However, is Valsartan always safe? Familiarizing yourself with the 5 facts you should know about the Valsartan recall will help you determine whether you should seek medical help and legal counsel from a Texas lawyer for complications related to Valsartan.

Valsartan Recall: What You Need To Know

While Valsartan certainly has its benefits, researchers also began to find traces of a potential cancer-causing impurity called NDMA, in some medications that include valsartan. Slowly but surely, pharmaceutical companies started to address these growing concerns, and then, in 2018, the FDA officially declared a recall on some valsartan products.

This recall is related to the presence of NDMA in some Valsartan medications. The Valsartan recall cancer risk means that repercussions can extend far beyond many of the side effects associated with the drug. The Valsartan recall and side effects are worth discussing with your doctor.

Some Valsartan products have been recalled not only in the United States but in 20 other countries too. Most of the potentially contaminated Valsartan products trace back to a manufacturing plant in China. If you are one of the many people in Texas taking Valsartan, you should contact your doctor immediately. Next, you should educate yourself, and, if necessary, seek legal counsel.

What You Should Know About the Valsartan Recall

Every person taking Valsartan, including those who are taking other heart medications but may take valsartan in the future, should be aware of a few things related to its risks and recall. Before you seek compensation, there are 5 facts you should know about the Valsartan recall:

  1. Not everyone should be taking Valsartan: Pregnant women should not take Valsartan, as well as people with preexisting diabetes. People with kidney disease should also not take Valsartan to combat high blood pressure.
  2. There are alternative medications available: There are at least eight other prescriptions on the market whose function is similar to Valsartan. Multiple blood pressure medications can replace Valsartan, including losartan and irbesartan. Those taking Valsartan can also switch to a generic alternative.
  3. Not all Valsartan products contain NDMA or are included in the recall: Not all Valsartan products are dangerous or contaminated, and thus, not all are included in the recall.
  4. Other specifics to understand: To determine whether you have a case you must have used Valsartan for at least six months (and a preferred one year) before cancer diagnosis. When seeking compensation, you must prove that you took Valsartan for at least 30 days during the time span from 2014 to the present.
  5. Always consult with your doctor before changing anything, and never stop your taking medication all at once: One of the worst things you can do for your situation at any given time is to stop taking your prescribed medication before instructed to do so. Even if you believe your Valsartan medication is included in the recall, always consult with your doctor before altering or changing anything about your medication intake.
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When confronted with the Valsartan recall, what to do can be confusing. Injuries associated with the recall of Valsartan can disrupt your family’s financial security at a time when you need it most. Awareness of the above 5 facts you should know about the Valsartan recall will bring you closer to regaining your life.

If you or a loved one has been affected by the valsartan recall, or has been diagnosed with cancer after taking valsartan, you may have a case. And if you are in need of legal guidance, the Texas product liability lawyers from Carabin Shaw are here for you. Our Texas attorneys have more than 20 years of experience servicing the needs of countless Texans all across the state.

For more information about how to move forward after some form of complication related to the Valsartan recall, call us today. At Carabin Shaw, our Texas product liability lawyers are ready and willing to take on your settlement. We offer all potential clients a free initial consultation to help answer all your questions. Contact our Valsartan recall attorney day or night, toll free at 800-862-1260.

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