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Valsartan Recall in USA: Side Effects

Most people who take valsartan, a prescription medication, have hypertension and other serious heart conditions. For some, the drug works. There have been instances, however, where trace amounts of an impurity known as NDMA are present in certain batches of valsartan. NDMA is a human carcinogen or cancer-causing chemical. If you are one of the many people in Texas dealing with the negative side effects of valsartan, we have some basic information that may be helpful to you.

Because of the discovery of trace amounts of NDMA, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an official FDA valsartan recall of some forms of the medication in July 2018. Since this recall, many valsartan manufacturers in the US stopped distribution of the drug. In August 2018, the valsartan recall in the USA expanded as the side effects list grew.

Common Valsartan Side Effects

There are myriad reasons for the valsartan recall in the USA. Side effects are frequent and can range from mild discomfort to life-threatening. Beyond the risk of the NDMA-related valsartan cancer in the US, a few of the most common side effects associated with taking valsartan include:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Upper respiratory infection
  • Low blood pressure
Why You Should Hire A Texas Lawyer

If a medical professional mishandled your case or failed to provide you with sufficient information about the potential risks of taking any drug, you may have a case against him or her. Your doctor has a duty of informed consent when prescribing medication to his or her patients, especially one with such potentially severe side effects. As you assemble your case, a Texas attorney can help you:

  • Determine who is at fault: An attorney will help you establish if there is any person or party that may be held accountable for your damages.
  • Determine what you may be owed: If our Texas lawyers prove that your case is, indeed, eligible for reparations, a lawyer can determine how much you may be owed.
  • Gather evidence: All documentation—receipts, medical bills, hospital invoices, photographs of physical injuries as your condition develops—can be vital in a legal proceeding. A Texas lawyer with Carabin Shaw can assist you in assembling these details to optimize your chances for full compensation.
  • Convey knowledge of precedent: If you have never dealt with a settlement related to medications before, you may feel lost and unsure of how to approach your case. An experienced lawyer will educate you on how to effectively file a valsartan class action lawsuit in the United States by outlining federal laws and specific Texas state laws.
The Carabin Shaw Texas Attorneys Are Here for You!

If you or someone you care about has experienced any of the side effects listed above while taking valsartan, you may be entitled to compensation. Fortunately, the Texas attorneys from Carabin Shaw are here for you. We have over 20 years of experience serving clients all across the state of Texas.

To pursue a settlement, patients must have used Valsartan for a minimum of six months, and preferably a year or longer, before a cancer diagnosis. Due to a latency issue, you must also have taken the drug for at least 30 days since 2014. We know this is complicated, but our Texas product liability lawyers will answer all your questions about the valsartan recall in the USA: the side effects, what your case may be worth, and more.

At Carabin Shaw, we promise to sift through the facts and determine culpability in your valsartan recall lawsuit. Our Texas product liability lawyers from Carabin Shaw offer a free, no-obligation consultation for all potential clients, and we serve practice areas across Texas. For more information, call our lawyers today toll-free at 1.800.862.1260. We have representatives standing by around the clock.

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