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Goodyear Recalls Dunlop Tires

In San Antonio where many of the roads are worn and potholed, dependable tires are crucial. Without them, you could easily find yourself careening into disaster. Even long-established tire manufacturers don’t always make dependable products. For example, the Goodyear recalls Dunlop tires (one of their most popular models) from time to time. If you are preparing to file a lawsuit against Goodyear, a cash-heavy corporation with an arsenal of expert lawyers, you need an expert lawyer yourself. Carabin Shaw, which has a twenty-year record of success, can provide the San Antonio Auto Defect Lawyer you need.

One of Goodyear’s most recent recalls (September 2016) was the Dunlop SP50 tire, size P205/70R15, which was manufactured from December 2012 to February 2014. One of the primary problems with this tire is air-loss. The air-loss is slow enough to go unnoticed but steady enough to cause trouble. Driving a vehicle with under-inflated tires increases the risk of a crash, and without your knowing it, the air-pressure of this Goodyear tire diminishes significantly.

When the air-pressure gets low enough, Goodyear’s recalled Dunlop tires begins to “chunk,” or to lose parts of tread. As the tread breaks off, the tire can’t grip the road and provide the necessary traction. Without good traction, a car will slide or veer off course. Then there is also the condition of the terrain to consider. Poor tread coupled with one of the many bumpy San Antonio roads creates a perfect storm. Under such circumstances, drivers have little control over their vehicle.

To the knowledge of Carabin Shaw, Goodyear will notify owners of record and will visually inspect the tires for the defect. If the defect is present, Goodyear dealers will replace the tires free of charge. If the defect is not present at the time of inspection, the tire is fine and will not need to be replaced. Owners may contact Goodyear at 1.800.321.2136. Owners may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s vehicle safety hotline at 1-888-327-4236

For those customers who have been involved in accidents while driving with this tire, Goodyear owes you more than a tire replacement—they owe compensation for the suffering they have caused you. Customers expect that a product of a reputed company like Goodyear will keep them safe, not put them in danger, which is why Carabin Shaw sees the Goodyear recalled Dunlop tire as an injustice. Many Goodyear consumers have been cheated out of their safety, in which case a product liability lawsuit is necessary.

This kind of lawsuit is required when a manufacturer sells a defective and dangerous product. Don’t let Goodyear deceive you; their recall of the Dunlop tire simply isn’t good enough. They need to make reparations to the consumers who purchased this product and were later hurt when it failed. The expert attorneys at Carabin Shaw will make sure that Goodyear does not slide out the back door without paying what is due.

The Dunlop SP50 tire is not the only tire Goodyear has recalled. Over the years, the company has issued several recalls. Many drivers who use Goodyear products have a tire blowout or another kind of tire related accident without considering whether the company is responsible. Don’t be one of them. Goodyear and other tire manufacturers should be held accountable when they sell a deficient product, and the lawyers at Carabin Shaw have decades of experience in product liability.

If you have been involved in a tire related accident in San Antonio after Goodyear recalls Dunlop tires or otherwise, call Carabin Shaw. We will help determine whether you have a product liability case on your hands, and then litigate on your behalf.

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