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Tire Explosion Lawyers

Are you in Texas? Were you injured in by a defective tire?

Give Carabin Shaw a call. We can help. Call us at 800-862-1260. We can help you and your family with evaluating any injury or death and determining any possible claims.

First things to look at: If you’ve gotten injured by an exploding tire—or any different kind of explosion—don’t just chalk it up to bad luck and hope that someone’s insurance covers your medical bills, lost wages and injuries. There could be other sources liability, and thus coverage, that you didn’t think of. It could be your employer, a seller, distributor or manufacturer, or just an insurance company that is not willing to pay you the maximum that they could. Contact our Texas tire explosion lawyers for your free legal consultation. We can figure out who may be liable to you for your costs and injuries and to get you the just compensation you deserve. The San Antonio Tire Explosion Lawyers at Carabin Shaw know all about the damages which exploding tire can cause. We can be the fighter in your corner for your rights if you choose to hire us.

Product Liability for Exploding Tires and More

Our product liability lawyers are in no way afraid to take on big well financed opponents in court to get you your best possible chance at all the money you are legally entitled to and deserve. Our legal team has many years of experience handling tire explosion and defect cases like yours:

Tire Blowouts Can Cause Dangerous Vehicle Crashes

You’ve probably seen the bits and shreds of tires by the side of the highway. These are the remnants of tire blowouts. Tires can blow out while driving. This occurs most frequently between mid-May and early October, when our temperatures are at their hottest, people drive the fastest and farthest and vehicles carry the heaviest loads. Under-Inflation and potholes are other causes of tire blowouts. What we need to ensure, however, is that your accident did not happen because of a tire which was improperly, designed, manufactured or maintained. If it did, there is a whole new set of possibly liable potential defendants who could compensate you for your injuries, costs and medical bills. The Tire Explosion attorneys in San Antonio whom you need to fight for you and your rights are at Carabin Shaw. We will out work, out think and our maneuver the well paid defense lawyers who are there to make sure you get little or nothing.

Types and Kinds of Tire Explosion Injuries

Because many tire explosions can happen while your tire is being aired up or changed, the person injured gets the force and shrapnel of any explosion at unfortunately close range. As happens in any type of explosion involving equipment, those injured people who do survive may suffer from life-altering injuries like:

  • Bone fractures
  • Hearing loss
  • Burns
  • Eye injuries including possible loss of your sight
  • Brain Injury
  • Head trauma
  • Broken wrists, hands and fingers
  • Lacerations to the body, face, arms and hands

For these kinds of injuries, you need an experienced legal team to fight for what you are legally owed. The San Antonio Tire Explosion Lawyers at Carabin Shaw can be that experienced team for you if you should choose to hire us.

Tire Explosion Causes

A tire which explodes can emit up to 12 tons of total force. This is as much as the impact from a truck. Understanding this, it’s no surprise that the injuries from exploding tires can be so serious. Any combination of problems or individual issue can cause the tread to separate or the tire to burst, such as:

  • Manufacturing defects
  • Design flaw
  • Flammable chemicals in the sealant
  • Under inflation
  • Over inflation

Carabin Shaw’s tire lawyers have more than20 years of experience in getting the maximum legally available judgments and financial settlements for our valued clients. Whether you suffered injury from an explosion while changing a tire on a truck or driving when a tire blew out, our experienced on-staff investigation team will find the party who is liable and get you your best chance at the monetary recovery you really need and deserve for your costs and injuries. You should give Carabin Shaw’s Tire Explosion attorneys in San Antonio a call today. We will fight as hard as needed to get you the best chance at the maximum available legal recovery.

Are you in Texas? Were you Injured in by a Defective Tire?

Give Carabin Shaw a call. We can help. Call us at 800-862-1260. We can help you and your family with evaluating any injury or death and determining any possible claims.

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