Seatbelt Failures

Most individuals are unaware that all too often seats fail at the most critical time a seatbelt is the one thing that may be the difference between life and death in a car wreck. Unfortunately, many of us forget to wear our seatbelts, causing the occupant to fly into the windshield or dashboard. Worse still, when we do wear our seatbelt defect may cause the occupant's ejection from a car during a rollover. While remembering to click your belt on is your responsibility, manufacturing a safe and reliable seatbelt system is the responsibly of the car manufacturer.

Our Law Firm represents those individuals injured or killed by a defective seatbelt. A seatbelt injury can result from a number of defects. A seatbelt must withstand violent forces during a front-end collision, or rollover. Held to strict government standards, these safety devices are critical to you and your family members' safety. Some of the common types of seatbelt defects include:
  • Seatbelt latches unlatching during collisions
  • Lap belts that can cause serious spinal and internal injuries
  • Spooling problems causing too much slack or a failure to hold
  • Automatic and door mounted seatbelts leading to "submarining" or ejecting of vehicle occupants
  • Seatbelts breaking free of their moorings
A defective seatbelt can lead to a variety of serious and sometimes fatal injuries like a crushed pelvis, spinal cord injury, head injury, and other serious injuries
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