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Riding Lawn Mower Rollover Injury Accident Attorney

Today more and more homeowners use riding lawn mowers to maintain their residential properties as well as thousands of commercial mowers are used everyday across the Country.

The increased use of riding mowers has led to an increase in the numbers of injuries and wrongful deaths occur each year. Of the several causes of these tragedies, rollover accidents are the most common.

Our riding lawn mower rollover accident attorneys represent injury victims and their families. If you or a loved one has been involved in a riding lawn mower rollover accident, you may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, and more.

Our Law Firm will fight for you and protect your rights and fight to maximize your award.

Rollover Causes

Look at any yard, field, or open space where a riding lawn mower is used and you will most likely find ground that is uneven, perhaps even sloping down into a ditch bank or creek bed, or rising over an embankment.

Uneven terrain poses significant risk to those using riding mowers to perform their lawn maintenance. Riding mowers are subject to the effects of gravity, and when used on uneven ground, especially hills and ditch banks, they can become unstable.

All too often rollover accidents occur when a rider angles his mower across a slope or embankment, instead of moving in the same direction as the incline.

Rollover Injuries

As you may know a typical riding lawn mower weighs between 400 to 2000 pounds. In a rollover accident, the victim can be pinned and crushed beneath the machine, causing asphyxiation, broken bones, burns, and other serious injuries. When used near a creek, stream, or pond, a rollover can trap and drown the rider beneath the water.

The primary feature of any riding lawn mower is the blade. However, many models are not equipped with kill switches that disengage the ignition, and thus the blade, when the operator is separated from the machine. In a rollover, the blade continues to turn as if still cutting grass, and this puts anyone near the accident in great danger. Deep lacerations and amputations are not uncommon.

Preventing Riding Lawn Mower Rollover Injury

Though the operator of a riding lawn mower is responsible for the safe operation of the machine, manufacturers are responsible for equipping their machines with the devices that will prevent injuries when accidents do happen.

Rollover protection systems (ROPS) including safety harnesses and roll bars, have been shown to effectively reduce the number and severity of injuries attributed to rollover accidents. However, manufacturers have not made such safety devices standard equipment on their mowers.

Riding Lawn Mower Rollover Accident Attorney

Injuries caused by riding lawn mower rollover accidents are preventable. Until manufacturers recognize their responsibility to consumers and produce machines equipped with the proper safety devices, injuries are likely to continue.

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