SUV Rollover Lawyers

Now, more than ever we see more SUVs, vans and some trucks rolling over due to foreseeable events, design, flaws, sometimes causing massive injuries or even death.  Over the years we have reviewed cases where tire blowouts or emergency maneuvers resulted in the vehicle flipping or rolling over. When an SUV or van rolls over, whether it was due to a tire blowout, a steering maneuver or taking a turn, there are common factors that can contribute or worsen the injuries to the occupants. These factors include the following::

    • Electronic Stability Control (ESC) in an SUV or Van - the lack of or the failure of an electronic stability control system can make an SUV or Van easier to roll;
    • Laminated and tempered glass - can contribute to glass shattering and lead to an occupant ejection or additional injuries; laminated glass and side-curtain airbags can prevent ejection; and
    • SUV Roof Stability  or Roof Crush Cases - this occurs where structure of the roof is inadequate, causing the roof of the vehicle to cave in during a rollover and crush the driver and/or the passengers;
    • Door Handle springs - a malfunctioning door handle spring of a vehicle can cause the vehicle doors to open during a rollover and cause further injury to the vehicle’s occupant.

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