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The Dangers of 15-Passenger Vans

The underlying tragedy behind fatal rollover accidents involving 15-passenger vans and other passenger van accidents or rollovers is that Federal Regulators and Auto Safety Experts have known for years that these vans are unfit to transport people.

Despite knowing that passenger vans can rollover and present added danger to the public, the auto manufacturers continue to manufacture and market these vans for passenger use.

If you or a loved one has suffered a loss involving a Passenger Van, call us, day or night, we can help.

It is believed that the 15-passenger van and other passenger vans are inherently unstable and unsafe and yet it is allowed to remain on the road. As a result, people are injured and killed. This type tragedy is completely unnecessary and could be avoided. Our Law Firm is fighting back. Call us for more information.

It is our belief that these15-passengenr vans are too dangerous to be on the road and can become rolling disasters.

Fifteen-passenger vans were originally designed to haul cargo, not passengers, and so they lack some basic safety features that are standard in other vehicles. And unfortunately, Automotive Studies have shown that certain passenger vans are three times more likely to flip and roll in a crash when they are fully loaded.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are over 564,000 15-passengers vans in use in the United States. Many of these vans are older models, resulting in the vast majority of 15-passengers vans in use today lack even the most basic safety improvements and NHTSA-required warnings and advisories.

Federal law even prohibits the sale of 15-passengers vans for the school-related transport of high school age and younger students.

Most individuals do not know about the inherent dangers of 15-passenger vans, until it is too late. Call our Office for more information.

Fifteen passenger vans and other large vehicles are frequently used by organizations to transport large groups of people and cargo to and from activities. All too often Churches, Colleges and Businesses use the 15-passenger vans on a regular basis.

Certain Vans, such as the 15-passenger vans have a design defect causing them to fishtail and rollover due to the fact they are extremely top heavy. These 15 passenger vans have a very high center of gravity and when they are overloaded they become very unstable. These vans can cause a great deal of harm to anyone involved in an accident while a passenger. The following is important information concerning 15 passenger vans:

  • Check tires for signs of wear, which can increase the possibility of rollover.
  • There are an estimated 500,000 15 passenger vans on the roads today.
  • 15-passenger vans have a rollover ratio of 70 percent when loaded.
  • Load the vehicle's seats starting in the front.
  • Position luggage in rear of the vehicle behind the back seat.
  • Remove roof rack from the vehicle because they increase the center of gravity, which causes a higher chance of rollover.
  • Do not talk on cell phones when driving the vehicle.
  • The federal government has banned the purchase of 15-passenger vans for use for most public schools.
  • Since 1990 over 400 people have died due to single-vehicle rollover accidents in 15 passenger vans.
  • Drivers should see that all passengers are properly wearing seat belts before operating the vehicle.
  • Each and every year numerous lawsuits are filed each year against manufacturers of 15 passenger vans for accidents that resulted in massive injuries or deaths.

Ford and General Motors are currently the only companies manufacturing new 15 passenger vans. In 2002 Chrysler stopped manufacturing 15 passenger vans. Some of the most common 15 passenger vans that are the Ford Econoline E350, GMC Rally/Vandura G3500, Chevrolet Express 3500, Dodge Ram Van/Wagon B3500, and the GMC Savana G3500.

In April of 2001 the U. S. Department of Transportation issued a warning regarding the use of 15-passenger vans. The warning stated that 15-passenger had an increased risk of rollover under certain conditions. This warning reinforces that fact that drivers need to be cautious while operating these vehicles.


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